Why Choose Mr. Tint of America?

Mr. Tint of America has developed a business model that provides entrepreneurs with a vision for success. We help you excel over the competition to capture their share of the more than 31 billion dollars that are being spent annually in the growing automotive aftermarket, and to capture their share of the billions of dollars being spent annually in the home and commercial improvement industry.

Exciting Industry

People love their cars. As a Mr. Tint of America franchisee you’ll get to work with many different vehicles and clients, offering the hottest brands, and the latest automotive accessories and mobile technologies to design custom auto styling solutions.

31 Billion Annual Market

Automotive styling is a 31-Billion dollar a year market. Mr. Tint of America has strategically positioned itself to allow franchisees to capitalize on the high-demand services Mr. Tint of America offers.

Unmatched Group Buying Power

Mr. Tint of America group buying power provides high-quality products at unbeatable discounted prices for franchise owners so you can offer the best products and services at unbeatable prices and maintain high gross profit margins.

High Profit Margins

With special deals from group buying support, you’ll find large profit margins for all of the valued services you offer. Nearly all Tint World® services have a low overhead, so you’ll quickly see your initial investment grow into big profits.

Exceptional Support

As a Mr. Tint of America franchisee, you’ll enjoy corporate support in many areas of your business. Mr. Tint of America provides constant business consulting and operational support, plus you’ll benefit from Mr. Tint’s comprehensive marketing campaign which includes promotion materials, email campaigns, and the latest in web marketing techniques like search engine optimization and web video production to promote business in your area.

Industry Leader

Mr. Tint of America is a very successful auto styling franchise because its constantly finding new ways to offer the best products and services available. We work with the leading manufacturers in the window film and automobile aftermarket industry to provide our franchise system the latest technologies, trends, products, and installation techniques available in the window film and automotive aftermarket.

Industry & Leadership

Mr. Tint of America continues to build its national franchise chain by promoting a strong image, aggressive marketing and high volume production, while providing services that produce high profit margins through professional training and unity on a national level.

The Industry Leader

Mr. Tint has a solid reputation as a leading automotive window tinting and specialty accessory center that has streamlined its business system designed to help franchisees maximize their potential. Mr. Tint is committed to retaining its dominant position by meeting the ever changing needs of the automotive window tinting, and styling accessory products and services aftermarket industry.

The Future Outlook of the Aftermarket Industry

Vehicle accessorizing is big business, a $31 billion-a-year market. More than half (57.5 percent) of that comes from the sales of auto accessories and appearance products. Yet, car dealers only capture 17% of all accessory sales. Mr. Tint has strategically positioned itself in the auto aftermarket industry, providing entrepreneurs with the means to capture their share of the billions of dollars being spent annually on automotive accessories.

Consumers Desire Our Services

Mr. Tint customers do not want their vehicle to look just like other cars or trucks on the road. Car Enthusiasts today want a vehicle that reflects their personality. We can transform any vehicle into a ride that makes a personal styling statement.

What franchise program is right for you?

The Single Store Franchise is very popular because it offers the startup of a new traditional Mr. Tint of America franchise location that provides you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, because it is backed by all the benefits and support of the Mr. Tint nationally-marketed brand.

  • $35,000 USD franchise license fee
The Multi-Store Franchise Opportunity is for enterprise level business developers. Mr. Tint allows you to create your very own “mini market” of franchise locations. We’ll be there every step of the way as you develop each and every franchise license and move from an individual store franchise owner to a multi-unit operator. Mr. Tint offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • $60,000 USD franchise license fee for 2 licensed locations, purchased at the same time
  • $75,000 USD franchise license fee for 3 licensed locations, purchased at the same time
  • $80,000 USD franchise license fee for 4 licensed locations, purchased at the same time
The Express Store Franchise Program allows existing business owners to successfully integrate a Mr. Tint of America franchise into their existing business and offer Mr. tint of America products and services to an existing business operation. This option is a great way to quickly expand your business, gain more customers, and increase profits by providing more services to generate new revenue streams. Mr. Tint offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • $25,000 USD franchise license fee
The Conversion Store Franchise Program is for successful automotive service center owners who are looking for a better way to do business. This Option is perfect for current business owners looking for the benefits of a franchise without having to start from scratch, and provides expansion of your target customer base with a low cost investment and easy conversion program. Mr. Tint offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • 25,000 USD franchise license fee (franchise royalty discounts apply)
Area Developer Representative Franchise Opportunity is the perfect combination of being an auto service franchise owner and a contributor to the growth of your respective market, wherein you are awarded a state or contiguous counties, based off a population census. Area Representatives oversee and assist in the growth of the Mr. Tint of America brand in their territory. As they grow the Mr. Tint brand, they receive a percentage of the fees and royalties from the franchise owners they award in their territory. We have a geographically limited number of opportunities available.

  • Fees vary depending on a specified DMA