Marine and boat window tinting services in Hobe Sound

Window Tinting services in Hobe Sound!

Come to Mr. Tint of America for boat and yacht tinting services in Hobe Sound, Florida. Mr. Tint’s Hobe Sound location offers marine and boat tinting so you can keep your watercraft clean, keep cabins cool, and enjoy low interior temperatures.

Why you need Mr. Tint’s window tinting services for your boat or yacht in Hobe Sound?

• Window film cuts out the ultra-violet rays that damage the interior of your boat. It will keep the inside of your cabin looking new.
• Window film provide a “comfort zone” for you and passengers. The blazing sun won’t broil your elbows and blind your eyes.
• Window films also gives a safety edge. Tinted windows on your boat or yacht won’t shatter into a thousand pieces in an accident.
• Keep your passengers and interiors comfortable and safe with the added protection of our high-quality window films.
• Prevents furnishings, carpets and fabrics from fading.
• Cut through annoying glare and eye strain out on the water with solar films designed to protect your vision.

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marine Window tinting services for boats
Marine Window tinting services for boats

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, flat glass Skylights are very popular to tint.
Use a soft damp cloth (soap and water) with squeegee.
It depends on the window film selection you install. The reduction can range from 4% to 80% of the solar heat gain.
Yes, to some degree. We carry decorator films that can hide this well with the use of design patterns.
Yes, provided the correct film selection is chosen.
The film acts as a interior reflector saving you money on heating costs.
72″, 60″, 48″, 36″, 24″, 20″ are the standard sizes
Yes, to a point. By applying a window covering that cuts out the UV-A & B rays, solar glass film cuts out the majority of heat, as well as some of the light. You can add as much as 8-15 years to your furnishings depending on factors such as quality of dyes.
No. Looking out to enjoy your view will be optically perfect.
Most films are hardly noticeable once installed. In fact, it will make the room more comfortable and enjoyable.

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