Residential window tinting protection in Stuart, Florida

The Choice is Yours

Mr. Tint of America offers residential window film in a variety of subtle colors and shades to provide different looks for your individual decor and performance needs. The choice is yours with hundreds of architectural films to select from.

Why Mr. Tint of America Window Film is The Best Investment for Your Stuart, FL Home

1. Rejects up to 77% of the sun’s heat before it ever enters your home
2. Improves and sharpens your view by reducing glare and increasing contrast
3. Cuts 99% of damaging ultra violet rays to help prevent expensive furnishings from fading
4. Increases the appearance of your home with a clean, complimentary and uniform look
5. Reduces electric bills by cutting cooling costs with high-tech insulating properties
6. Adds daytime privacy for your family to enjoy peace of mind all day long
7. Prevents dangerous shards of broken glass from shattering on impact in the event of an accident or storm

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Case Study

Steve and Julie Scott, home owners in Stuart, Florida, were faced with a common summertime problem – excessive heat. The workroom in their framing shop was being hit with direct sunlight throughout the afternoon. This caused an uncomfortable working environment and unbearable hot spots. Additionally, the Scotts noticed a spike in their electric bill due to the fact that their cooling units were running both inefficiently and non-stop during the afternoon.

The Scotts needed a solution to their problem and chose Mr. Tint of America’s window tinting films. The Solargard line provided the heat rejection they needed, as well as 99% UV rejection.

After the installation was complete, the Scotts were incredibly impressed with the benefits associated with their new window film. Their electric bills were reduced by over 20% and their working environment was much more pleasant and comfortable. The Scotts also appreciated the fact that their inventory of colored matboards would now be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. As their business has expanded, the Scotts continue to choose Mr. Tint of America’s window tinting films.

Customer’s Review

“The hot spots in my Stuart, Florida home were unbearable prior to the installation of Solargard Window Film by Mr. Tint of America. The Solargard line provided the heat reduction that I needed, making my Stuart property much more comfortable. The film looks great, and also provides UV protection and glare reduction. I am extremely pleased with the benefits associated with Mr. Tint of America window films.”

~ Steve S. from Stuart, FL

Mr. Tint of America is based in the Palm City, FL area. Dedicated to providing Stuart and surrounding areas with the highest quality services in window tinting. Our goal is to make your Stuart window tinting experience as convenient as possible. We have been a part of the residential window tinting community in Stuart for over 30 years.

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Residential Window tinting services for homes in Stuart
Residential Window tinting services for homes
Residential Window tinting services for homes Stuart

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, flat glass Skylights are very popular to tint.
Use a soft damp cloth (soap and water) with squeegee.
It depends on the window film selection you install. The reduction can range from 4% to 80% of the solar heat gain.
Yes, to some degree. We carry decorator films that can hide this well with the use of design patterns.
Yes, provided the correct film selection is chosen.
The film acts as a interior reflector saving you money on heating costs.
72″, 60″, 48″, 36″, 24″, 20″ are the standard sizes
Yes, to a point. By applying a window covering that cuts out the UV-A & B rays, solar glass film cuts out the majority of heat, as well as some of the light. You can add as much as 8-15 years to your furnishings depending on factors such as quality of dyes.
No. Looking out to enjoy your view will be optically perfect.
Most films are hardly noticeable once installed. In fact, it will make the room more comfortable and enjoyable.

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